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img_0396The average monument is created from granite, bronze, and potentially an assortment of other stones. Granite is by far the most widely used base for a monument. This can be explained easily it is because granite is much more capable at withstanding high and low temperatures as well as varying degrees of precipitation. Another favorite aspect of granite is the fact that it can be produced in a spectrum of colors. This easy access to different colors is adored by many who seek to display a certain characteristic of their loved one through color. Bronze is different from granite in more than one way. The first is that bronze is considered more attractive and classical in looks. The second is that bronze is very strong as well however, it may be to a lesser degree than granite.

Your monument in Hawthorne, NJ truly comes to fruition with everything that takes place after you make the prior decision. It is when you begin to choose what you would like written on the monument, in what typographies, with what techniques, and which pictures next to them. Hiseler Monument Co. has over three quarters of a century experience creating some of the most pleasing monuments in all of Hawthorne, New Jersey. If you have a question regarding our monuments please call us at your convenience.