Bronze Plaques In Hawthorne, NJ

scan2-2When the topic of monuments and memorials are raised during the event of a loved ones passing there is sometimes a sense of confusion as to what size monument should be devoted. Some families utilize the family plot or multi plot system. In this system the family is buried together on a single plot over time. Other’s will choose to construct a mausoleum capable of keeping the family together after life.

But for those who don’t need or want as much there is another option. Hiseler Monument of Hawthorne, New Jersey is the leading provider of bronze plaques. A bronze plaque is known for simple yet graceful size and shape. Due to the plaques base being bronze it is guaranteedscan7 to have a wonderfully pronounced glimmer regardless of time of day. Our plaques begin as more or less black canvases for you and your family to fill in pertinent content.

Is your loved one a regular church goer? We can inscribe in a biblical verse or section that was important to them or reminded you of them. Is he/she part of an organization or group that was very significant to them? Perhaps we should sand blast a copy of the logo on the plaque. If you think a bronze plaque is right for you call Hiseler Monument of Hawthorne, New Jersey today.